Cordoba, Argentina.

An organization like Movum is what I always dreamed of. The dream became a new dream, one of our own, together with Dolores, Laura, Nerio and Pablo. It grew stronger until turning into the organization we are. We are convinced that “we want for ourselves what we dream for others”. This consistency makes us different

For some time now, I have had a great concern: to understand the Human Being in its different dimensions. This permanent search takes me deeper into the most varied subjects in order to “understand us” by studying, reading, researching, asking questions to myself, finding answers which take me, in turn, to more questions. It’s been like this since I was a kid, first with questions about myself and then about the others. ​

​Listening deeply to the concerns that we experience it’s a great deal of what mobilizes me. Helping human beings that work in companies and/or organizations of different kinds; so that, once they have higher levels of awareness and wellbeing, they can choose independently what they want for their lives and contribute to their own transcendence and that of the organizations they are part of.

​Therefore, accompanying the people and teams in the organizations, and the organizations as a whole, from the Psychology and Coaching fields, to co-construct and strengthen people and teams, fostering the wellbeing of people and of the ecosystem they belong to.