Cordoba, Argentina.

We generate movement because we are restless, passionate, genuine, trustworthy and collaborative. We generate positive human movement because we believe in human beings and organizations, and we believe that both can be healthier and happier.

I’m passionate about the human being, about observing life development, its different stages, the challenges imposed on us by this century’s environment and the willingness to be happy and to look for a deep sense in what we do. 

As a species, I admire our ability of adapting, creating, changing, dreaming, working, doing things together.

My purpose, as far back as I can remember, is to improve the connections in the human relationships and their context.

We spend more than 30% of our lives inside organizations and I believe they can be sustainable ecosystems, where everyone can deploy their potential and generate healthy bonds with others. 

So, I continuously research innovative ideas and tools to be applied in the management of organizations, in the development of people and in the way they relate to each other. 

And, essentially, I understand that a complex phenomenon as the human being can only be approached by an interdisciplinary look, with others. This is why we created Movum.