Konstanz, Germany

To me, Movum means chasing the dream of generating a human movement by which people can flourish well above the meager levels of engagement that exist today in the world of the organizations. Contributing with my Clients to a greater development makes sense only if we also manage to do it ourselves at Movum. The shoemaker’s son always wears shoes.

My childhood friends are not surprised when they see me today working to help people, teams and organizations to make deep transformations. The human behavior, in all its dimensions, is something that fascinates me since I was very young.

In the nearly 20 years I’ve worked in the corporate world, leading the last two companies where I worked, what most curiosity caused me was to learn that, behind every obstacle that prevents the organization from taking the next step, there are people who, in their individual dimension and in their bonding dynamics, don’t manage to change in a sustainable way.

Seven years ago I decided to quit my position as CEO to devote myself completely to accompany the people who lead companies to give the next evolutionary step in their life cycle. I consider that, due to my experience, I can understand the complexity faced by a person in the role of Owner, CEO or C-Level executive. I think that the main value I can contribute consists in integrating the business dimensions to the human dimensions during the processes of transformation.

It’s true, since I’m not longer the CEO of a big company, I get a lot less invitations from people in LinkedIn, but I feel fulfilled by building genuine and deep bonds with the Clients I work with.